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Spring round-up

I'm calling this post Spring round-up though in truth Spring is nowhere to be seen. Temperatures over the last few days have hovered around 6c or 7c and with the wind chill factor, it has felt even colder. But, to brighten up the kitchen window sill, I gathered a few catkins, twigs and flowers from garden and hedgerow for a jam jar posy.

In addition to the cold wind there has been almost continuous rain, very unusual for this normally dry area. As a result, the road half a mile from here, has been closed for a couple of weeks, as the low lying washland  flooded.

But .... there is a rumour that Spring is arriving next week.
Fingers crossed!

Despite the unseasonal weather, Mr D and I have managed some time down on the allotment, mainly doing maintenance jobs such as mending the shed roof and gate, though I did plant some Charlotte potatoes which had been chitting on the windowsill in the spare room.

I picked some rhubarb ...

...which I have been eating with yoghurt for breakfast.


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