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Mid May...

Finally spring arrived and this time, decided to stay. With the warm weather, came lots to do. The past few weeks have flown by and suddenly I realised that I had neglected my little blog. There were trips to local woods with Tiny Girlie and her mama to see the last of the bluebells..

...and a paddle in a woodland stream.

On the allotment, the chives are flowering and attracting the bees which is always good to see.

There is much to do on the lottie and a lot of my time has been spent there.
A few weeks back, I sowed the seeds which I ordered back in January: Cherokeetrail of tears climbing beans, Crookneck and Hokkaido summer and winter squash.
On the warmth of a sunny windowsill, they all germinated well and finally last week, I was able to plant them out on the plot.

Inevitably,  the warmer weather means weeding and also watering of the new seedlings.

In the kitchen, I have been tweaking a recipe for sourdough crackers, using left-over sourdough starter.
Anyone who makes sourdough…

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